Professional group in optical design for guests in Elbigenalp

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Professional group in optical design for guests in Elbigenalp

The networking meeting of the professional group in optical design from bayern photonics and the working group in optical design and simulation of photonics BW took place at kdg for the first time on 24 November 2016.
Very happy with a successful networking day at kdg: kdg host Michael Hosp, Photonics BW Project Director Dipl.-Ing. Eva M. Kerwien, bayern photonics CEO Dr. Horst Sickinger.

Admittedly, we couldn’t provide the dreamlike winter wonderland that our host Michael Hosp showed at the beginning of his short company presentation to our guests on the day of the meeting. But we had to wait until the New Year for that, anyway. At least that meant the arrivals were free of snow and disruptions. Nevertheless, the view from the kdg campus, where the networking meeting took place, left a lasting impression, as usual. The 28th joint meeting of the Bavarian and Baden-Württemberg optical design specialists was held under the highly interesting title “Digital Optics”, which was very accommodating for us as a company. After all, we have been serving the digital revolution since our founding over thirty years ago. Back then, we were the first CD pressing plant in Austria and the third in Europe.

The lectures then covered both the topic of generic data fusion for optical material and error pattern recognition and the optical challenges of near-to-eye projection systems. In his opening speech, Alexander Wörle, our Head of Technology & Innovation, also gave an initial insight into the comprehensive topic of proper material selection for a perfect optics layout. Since the conference was also designed as an innovation workshop in the scope of the EU project Photonics4All, bayern photonics CEO Dr. Horst Sickinger and Photonics BW Project Director Dipl.-Ing. Eva M. Kerwien scheduled two rounds of speed networking and decidedly challenged the participants to think about ideas and possibilities for joint projects during their conversations – an approach that surprised the participants very positively. “I never thought I would be able to come up with project ideas so quickly with a previously unknown conversation partner,” one participant said afterward.

“For us as kdg opticomp, it was a great pleasure and a huge inspiration to talk to so many first-class experts from the field of optical design,” said Michael Hosp as he thanked Dr. Horst Sickinger and Dipl.-Ing. Eva M. Kerwien for “this extraordinarily entertaining and interesting workshop day. Our facility is of course always open to you for further meetings.”