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Michael Hosp

Managing partner of kdg. Since 1992 in the company, since 1996 in executive positions. A manager and entrepreneur completely committed to innovation and change management.

Tel. +43 5634 500 351
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Ing. Alexander W├Ârle

Responsible at kdg opticomp for the areas of technology and innovation. He is part of the kdg team for more than 25 years now. A creative engineer who has been involved in shaping the most important product innovations of the recent years.

Tel. +43 5634 500 371
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Mathias Kirschner

As production manager and quality manager of kdg opticomp he is totally convinced of everyday shopfloor management. His credo: process and shape loyalty always go hand in hand. Therefore it's no coincidence we respectfully call him Mr. ISO.

Tel. +43 5634 500 391
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