optical components

In keeping with our corporate philosophy of “best service & focus excellence”, we decided to go for best practice right from the start. 

High Precision Optical Components

Excellently designed and moulded by kdg Opticomp

There’s little doubt about it: the LED is set to evolutionise the lighting industry just as the light bulb did before it. But this miraculous light source requires reasonably intelligent sparring partners in order to be a blazing contender. After all, it’s the frontal optical components which point the diode light in the desired direction and transform its beams into figures of light that fill the particular room or space.

Hence, two conditions must be fulfilled for the elegantly coated reflectors, or sometimes quite spacey looking freeform surface lenses, to perform their task of distributing light – and not just in any old way, but according to clearly defined specifications based on exact calculations and a high-precision finish. Both require the right mix of passion, ambition, experience and know-how. And the firm intention to demand excellence from each other. This is why we not only cooperate with the world's best optical designers, but have also integrated this service sector into our company. Since high precision can only be maintained when optical design and injection moulding work hand in hand.