Whether micro- or nanostructures, test systems or copyright issues wherever we operate we use to think out of the box.


Our expertise at a glance

ISO-Certification 9001:2008
for manufacturing and production of high-precision optical components

30 years’ experience of optical precision injection moulding
under cleanroom conditions (1:1000)

3-shift flow production
with consistently high-quality output

Data processing and micro-moulding / nano-moulding
with our proprietorial glass mastering and electroplating unit

High-end manufacturing techniques
such as wet-embossing, nano-imprinting, vapour deposition, coating and bonding

High level of expertise in thermoplastics
through continued material tests (also with proprietorial mixes)

Know-how in biodegradable plastics
through own independent EU research project

A pioneer in the field of QA for optical injection moulding
development and manufacture of the first testing systems for the optical media industry

Long-standing experience with sensitive products
successful passing of audits and award of certifications, e.g. for Microsoft

R & D cooperation with renowned institutes
including the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, FH Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences & Innsbruck Medical University