So apart from the dazzling media world we´d also like to serve the bright-shining LED world with Customized Solutions and Innovative Standard Products.

From the CD to the LED

30 years of high-precision optical injection moulding

It all started with the CD in 1985. At the time we were among the first businesses anywhere in the world to take up the challenge of high-precision optical injection moulding. And we did that right here in the Tyrolean Lech Valley. The CD was followed by the DVD at the end of the 1990s. More recent times witnessed the emergence of the Blu-ray with its complex injection-compression moulding process. Yes indeed, we’re confi dent when we say we know our way around the high-precision moulding of microstructures and nanostructures. And that’s not all. We’ve now entered the third dimension with kdg Opticomp, the new division we launched within our kdg Group in 2013. As our new name already says, we develop and produce high-precision and innovative optical components.

So even though we’ve changed our technical shape and systems, we’ve maintained our high standards and our fascination for exciting sectors of industry. As a result, we now provide customised solutions and innovative standard products for the brightly shining LED lighting industry as well as the dazzling media world. And we’ve achieved this from a standing start – from 0 to 60 mph in an incredibly short time! After all, we have 30 years of experience and expertise under our bonnet. And in the cockpit we’ve always had a service GPS guiding us to a clearly defined destination: that of inspiring our existing and future customers.