Our goal is to accompany your projects competently, right from the first conception to optical design and serial production. For this reason, we offer you optical design in our own comprehensive service portfolio, from which you are welcome to choose the modules that best suit your needs and demands, at any time.


What are your development demands? What economic and technical potential could/can you expect from optical (re)development? In any event, you'll be provided with a solid basis for your particular development decisions with kdg Opticomp consultancy. 


Michael Hosp, CEO and owner of kdg Opticomp and Mag. Lukas Scharf, Sales & Customer Service


  • Stocktaking and formulating the development demands
  • Analysis/simulation of existing optical designs (for imaging and illumination optics)
  • Evaluation of the technical and economic potential of optical (re)development
  • Criteria for production-orientated optical design


Whether we’re talking about an operating theatre in a hospital or the shop floor in a factory, each room – each environment – has its own special requirements.

Switching to LED is not only energy-efficient, it opens up completely new possibilities for illumination and enlightenment.



In this phase, we develop differentiated solutions to your development demands. Using a detailed, photometric analysis, we evaluate the feasibility and complexity of your demands/tasks, use this to develop multiple optical concept proposals, which we then present to you in detail with all the pros and cons in terms of costs for development, manufacture and installation. The final in-depth analysis of the respective solutions (concepts) is at the heart of this module. For this objective assessment will enable you to select the most appropriate and best plan for your needs and requirements.


Usually, what we receive at the outset is a request or an idea. We scrutinise the feasibility of specific approaches on your behalf.

Many roads lead to the lighting you’re after. We analyse and evaluate all the different options for you.


  • Development of the desired and necessary optical specifications
  • Photometric analyses, evaluation of feasibility and complexity
  • Support in LED research/selection
  • Development of several optical concept proposals (with freeform optics, lenses/mirrors, light pipes, Fresnel optics, array optics, etc.)


The idea and solution are now given a final three-dimensional form. At the end of this complex process of development stands an intelligent optical design, which not only takes into account all relevant requirements and standards, but also lives up to all production aspects, on which we are steadily working in our own in-house production in order to constantly optimize and expand the manufacturability of complex free-form surface structures, that enables us in return to offer you new and sophisticated solutions in optical design time and again, with which you will get a clear USP in the market. It goes without saying that we constantly review the performance of our optical design in detailed simulations and analysis.


Our optical designs are fully fit for manufacturing. We turn our jointly developed lighting idea into an implementable form.

Our high-precision approach begins with our optical design. We only release products which have undergone prior simulation and thorough checking.


  • Modelling (including materials, light sources) for the optics simulation
  • Development of a production-orientated and robust optical design: calculation of the individual optics in close cooperation with the production
  • Simulations and analyses to review the demands/standards/tolerances
  • Generation of CAD models and delivery to production


Above all, the fact that our optical designs are fully fit for manufacturing provides you with planning and cost assurance. Our proven process-knowhow ensures that you benefit from a smooth workflow.



We are also happy to support you with our expertise in prototypes and samples. We review the actual optical function of the sample structure and present you with the results of our assessment in a conclusive comparison of target/actual values. We evaluate and analyse the causes of possible deviations and develop proposals for you on how to improve or optimise the function and/or the manufacturability of the respective optics.


High-precision optics require unconditional contour accuracy: Using a structured-light 3D scanner, we measure and monitor each and every production batch in regard to its precision moulding.


  • Review of the optical function (comparison of target/actual values)
  • Analysis of causes in the case of deviations, running corresponding simulations
  • Proposals and approaches to improve/optimise the function and/or production feasibility of the optics


We also use prototypes and mock-ups to check the light distribution and optical appearance of optics and LEDs.

State-of-the-art optics clearly point to the continuous and close coordination that exists between our development and production teams.