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Green light for procandela

Just in time for WindEnergy, our valued client ENERTRAG has been awarded a certificate for the pro2000XS beacon we had the honour to co-develop.

New developments are always an adventure. Even the most experienced project manager cannot actually predict what issues are going to crop up along the way, where you are going to lose time and how you can get back on track.

The outlook is bright

Really great news: from now on we can handle the entire manufacturing process for reflectors without interruption.

We need to state something explicitly here: our production team is certainly not afraid to handle new machines, in the same way that they are unaffected by any engineering airs and graces.

Late summer consecrations at the European Forum Alpbach

For the first time ever, we had the opportunity to present kdg opticomp to the assembled academic elite in Tyrol, in the presence of the relevant government minister, as the industry partner in an R&D showcase project.

Who says engineers and researchers aren’t creative? Even when naming their R&D projects, the syntactic synapses are flying! We should know – we’re actively involved in five research projects that have fairly unconventional names, to say the least.

On the road with our R&D hot topic diffraction gratings

The kick-off will be at the Eurosensors from 9th to 12th September in Graz, followed by the 8th International LED professional Symposium +Expo LpS from 25th to 27th September in the Festspielhaus in Bregenz.

No, you don’t have to dance at strangers’ weddings, as we say in German, to be on everyone’s lips. It’s sometimes wise to stay at home and stick to what you know best. Or even to wait for the prophets themselves to come to the mountain.

Invitation to the European Forum Alpbach

On the initiative of the Standortagentur Tirol, we will present ourselves at the Technology Talks at the European Forum Alpbach as an industrial partner of the highly promising COMET project smart@surface.

An invitation to Alpbach is like a knighthood, at least in our latitudes. From the 15th August on, nearly all major players in politics, business and academia will be present there at the talks and forums.

Concave diffraction gratings by injection moulding

kdg opticomp R&D project manager Dr. Manuel Walch will talk about a pioneering series of experiments concerning concave diffraction gratings at the upcoming LpS in Bregenz. For the very first time, these complex microstructures can also be replicated by injection moulding.

Quick tests for wastewater

The beginning of April saw the official launch of the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) project, AquaNOSE, which took place on the kdg campus in Elbigenalp.

This is the largest R&D project in kdg’s entire history to date, and its goals are more than a little lofty: the aim of the four project and research partners — kdg, the University of Vienna Institute for Physical Chemistry, Profactor (a research company specialising in additive micro and nan

Reflectors as highlights at the L+B

They were clamouring to see them: the new asymmetrical RMJ wall downlights from Bartenbach that are flush-mounted in the ceiling. Some must have been secretly wishing they were the ones with a product like Unico — a light system that clearly lives up to its name.

The biennial trade show of the lighting industry is done and dusted for another two years, and all of the noble promises that many a project team will have made themselves during the six-day event, like “next time we’ll do it all differently and we’ll start a lot earlier” will probably have been

Tea & Expert Talks at our Light + Building booth 4.0 A16

Tea all Day is our motto this time at the L+B as we will be well-set up for you and our expert talks for the whole day with our exquisite tea blends.

The excitement is mounting. From Sunday, we are relocating our kdg opticomp Co-Creation & Working Room once again to go to Light + Building in Frankfurt for a whole week.

A whole high-end downlight family

RMJ is the name of the new spectacular downlight components from Bartenbach. Three letters you should remember – they stand for a whole product range.

When Christian Anselm, head of development at Bartenbach, talks about this latest development in his department, one thing is most obvious: an almost contagious joy and enthusiasm. And that’s not without cause.